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Using technology to bring a global division inline

The task

When companies grow to the size of a small nation, it's hard to keep everyone aligned. One of our clients had this problem across their digital marketing division, where a lack of consistency was causing problems.

There were huge numbers of 'campaign violations' happening daily on Google Adwords, from bad naming conventions to incorrect budget setting. Unsurprisingly, they wanted this resolved.

The solution

Working closely with the client, we created a high-performance crawler that scanned millions of adverts, several times a day, across the breadth of their global marketing division. A rule engine allowed multiple violation-types to be configured, inspecting every single advert for numerous possible infringements.

It was hooked up to a beautiful and intuitive dashboard, allowing moderators to see violations as they occurred and to send real-time notifications to anyone in breach.

The result

On the day it launched, the platform discovered tens of thousands of violations, with notifications quickly sent out to the most serious offenders through the ability to group violations by team or violation type.

Within 3 months, total violations had dropped to almost zero, with less than 50 new detections every day – down from 500, a reduction of over 90%.

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