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How we innovated an industry in just 3 months

The task

Our client set up an innovation unit to help them get ahead in their industry. Their first task – the biggest technology initiative in their history – was to move an entire business process for both consumers and back-office staff to a digital ecosystem. Automation and 24/7 access would allow efficiencies unseen in the business to date.

Despite the anticipation, they attempted the venture without success three times with as many different suppliers. We were introduced from within the organisation as a sure bet in delivering impactful products at pace.

The solution

We worked with our client to model the business unit in question, highlighted potential problems, and interviewed and tested early prototypes on customers, to get critical feedback to hone the solution.

Not long after, we released an intelligent chatbot that helped customers with the goal they were trying to achieve. A smart system prompted them to only answer questions of relevance, based on previous responses, which saved them time and hassle. The wealth of data was connected to a number of external services that took over monotonous jobs for the back-office team, and productivity skyrocketed.

The result

We were the first external team ever to go from idea to production within 3 months, delivering a product that enabled the client to generate £1.2 million in efficiencies. The solution itself impressed those in the industry, picking up an "Innovation of the Year" award at the industry awards.

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