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Lewis Taylor


Ben Hacker

Strategy director

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head of product

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UX/UI Designer

Why we do what we do

We choose to make innovation our calling, because it has the power to positively affect everyone on this planet. And despite our focus being technology, we don't believe great innovation is measured by the solution

- it's measured by its impact.

As humans, we've been innovating since our beginnings – stone tools were a new way to better solve old problems. Yet, for a practice with such a long history, innovation still has a surprising lack of clarity around it.

How do we do it well?  Why do so many new ventures fall short or fail altogether?

In a world where every customer, competitor and minor distraction has a megaphone, it's incredibly hard to understand what people really need, and ever more difficult to deliver it to them successfully. There is not enough structure to guide people in the unknown, and far too much white noise that further confuses them.

We believe it can be done better. With the right mindset, tools and people, it's possible for innovators to stack the chips in their favour, and give themselves a better chance of success.

We want to see more progress through innovation

- it's our mission to help anyone with an innovative mission to achieve it.

What to expect from us

Always move forward

Constantly strive to be a better version of our selves, team and business. Anyone who isn't ashamed of the person they were last year isn't learning enough.
Mistakes will happen, but momentum and progress are what matter.

Keep things simple

Find simplicity in everything we do. Difficult doesn't need to mean complex.

Value others

We believe that the best results come from looking at the problem through many lenses. This occurs at every stage of the business, and at every level of the business. We don't work in silos. Speak to your colleagues, customers, the community, and anyone who can help you be better. Stand on the shoulders of giants.

While we are experts in our field, we are driven by empathy, wanting to understand our clients motivations and concerns. We are humble and recognise that we can’t know everything.

Challenge everything

We do not accept the status quo, especially from within. The only way we can ever get better is to change, and change starts with a question.

Assuming you could be wrong in the short term is not the same as believing you will not succeed in the long term.

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