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How we turned Farfetch data into actionable insights

Like many platforms, Farfetch has a lot of valuable data.
It's the sort of data that could allow it's partners and retailers to better understand their customers.

Unfortunately, the current tools that they used were tailored to data scientists and analysts, and so real-time meaningful insights, and therefore decisions, were tough to achieve.

That's when they asked us to help them find an intelligent solution to break down the data so that business stakeholders, in a way that made sense to them, allowed them to make better and faster decisions.

- See how we did it and the results below.


  • Paper prototyping
  • Customer validation interviews
  • Feature MVP


  • Development
  • Agile


  • React
  • Looker
  • GraphQL
  • CSS
  • Docker
Farfetch screen

The Venture Framework approach

Starting with nothing more than an idea from the Farfetch team, we used the Venture framework to fully develop their idea and deliver a ready-to-use web-based product in just 8 weeks.

Using sketch prototyping and customer validation plays, we were able to put the venture through several iterations before one line of code was ever built.

This meant more must-have features made their way into the final product.

The outcome was an intuitive dashboard that allows retail stakeholders to drill down into every kind of data or customer segment possible

- and recognise inefficiencies, issues and other important data points.

Venture framework

sketch prototype

customer validation plays

The result enabled them to bring lost revenue back into the business

The product received a huge amount of interest from brand partners and helped them to better increase their product sales.

Farfetch were also able to highlight and provide evidence where they were losing money with certain partners and on which products.

This enabled them to easily and quickly bring partner price variances within their allowed limits across their product lines bringing lost revenue back into the business.

Farfetch screen

Danger Farms were a crucial partner, helping to create a product from a simple mock-up after just a few weeks. The team were reliable, quick and agile and brought their ideas to help us progress in areas we hadn't thought of. I didn't have a tech background so Danger Farms coached me patiently through the design and development process.

Simon Domone

Director, fabric, farfetch

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