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How we created a new business that changed the industry forever

Being a people-focused industry, recruitment and executive search had struggled to leverage technology in a way that benefited their customers.

Marlin Hawk knew that it was only a matter of time before digital transformation would bring new threats – unless, of course, they turned it into an opportunity.

So, they asked us to help create a new business that would challenge both their competitors and themselves.
That's forward-thinking, and together we prepared to change the industry forever.

- See how we did it and the results below.

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The solution

Having mapped out the problems that in-house recruiters faced, and tested our business assumptions on potential candidates, we took the leap to create an entirely new digital platform, connecting global clients with the world’s top talent.

Clients needed to find the best candidates easily, so our supercharged search function allowed them to filter by over 40 industry-leading data points. By moving fast, we got ahead of emerging competition and were able to release the product within a few months.

The result

Five years later, the business is continuing to grow, and now serves some of the world's biggest organisations.

The platform hosts thousands of the world's top executives, an online candidate-base that increases every day.

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